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Army Distinguished Service Medal

Authorized by the order of the President, the Army Distinguished Service Medal was confirmed in the year nineteen eighteen by Congress. Different types, levels, and degrees of heroism and meritorious acts are recognized by Congress and different provisions are included for award criteria.  Different versions of the Distinguished Service Medal exist for each specific branch of service and a fifth, the most recent version, recognizes United States Department of Defense personnel contributions. These United States military medals were to be presented by the President to inidviduals who distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious service to our Government in service of great responsibility in a period of war or in connection with military operations against an armed force or enemy of the United States. However, it is not just exceptional performance of normal duty that will justify the awardance of one of these unique military medal decorations.
Typically, these Army military medals are simply referred to as the "Distinguished Service Medal" while the other separate branches of service use the specific service name as a prefix. The term "duty of a great responsibility" applies to a much narrower range of operations when the United States is not fighting in a time of war, and requires evidence of exceptionally significant achievement. However, different justifications and exceptions are made for those who have demontrated acts of service of great danger in a succession of high positions of great importance. Under these exceptional circumstances, and with the express approval of the President, these military ribbons and military medals are often presented for wartime services to inidividuals who are not members of the United States Armed Forces, but rather civilians.
In general, this particular award is authorized to be worn below all of the other versions of this award designated for other branches sucha as Air Force and Navy.  It should be worn above any awarded Silver Stars from different branches of service.  Oak Leaf Clusters denote additional military medals.  Service members can find different styles and varieties of the Army Distinguished Service Medal including the traditional full size military medal and mini medal options, military ribbons and lapel pins. Likewise this award can be found in the traditional slide-on style, full size military medals or mini-medals, the slide-on military ribbons, and the newer thin military medals, mini-medals and ribbons which are greatly valued for their sharper looking appearance.

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