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MilitaryRibbons.net Blog

Military Ribbons and Military Medals

March 10th 2012 - 9:56 am

For those that have not benn around the military much the display of ones military ribbons and medals may not mean much. I am a veteran of the United States Air Foece, and I realize the sacrifices that are made by our service members and their famalies. I recently attended a basic training graduation in San Antonio Texas, and the strong feeling of pride and commradre with my fellow veterans and active duty members was an awesome feeling. My nephew had just gone through his first chapter of his military life and we were there to support him. As he stood there in his dress blues wearing only two military ribbons I recalled my own military awards, and how it felt when I was awarded a new ribbon or medal. It is not so much the military award that brings this felling, but the pride in doing your best, and being honored for those efforts.

World War II a Monumental Time

November 11th 2011 - 8:00 pm


World War II was a monumental time in American history. The world depended on the American military to defeat the very heart of evil, a call America’s fighting men answered bravely. Without the services and lives of so many Americans, the world would have become a much darker place. Imagine if Hitler had been successful, as he likely may have been without America’s intervention. Because of the strength, courage and resolution of American bravery, evil was snuffed out. The tyranny of Adolph Hitler was left to the history books.


America’s legacy during the time of World War II is something to be remembered and cherished. This was the war of our grandfathers, fought so that we could be free. WWII are more than just artifacts of history. They are testaments to the legacy, the very fighting soul that shaped the world in the wake of the fall of Nazi Germany.


Whether you are a collector, a descendant of a World War II veteran, or a veteran of the hardest war this country has ever fought, WW II medals put you in touch with that history. You can become part of the legacy, touch it and feel it warm in your palm, as tangible as history can ever become without actually being there.


From history buffs to veterans to antique collectors, medals from World War II give you a connection to that history, allow you to hold it in your palm or attach it to a formal uniform that aligns you with the legacy. As time goes by, they will only accrue in value, becoming timepieces to a lost piece of American history. It’s a sign that we must remember the past so that the world is not condemned to repeat it.


Whether your in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, each branch had its part to play in the great conflict of World War II, its own story and piece of the puzzle to contribute. Honor the history of your particular branch of armed services and the sacrifices that were made during that difficult time in American history with a collection of World War II medals. We are all part of the legacy if we only choose to remember.